Many children occasionally need extra help with some aspect of learning. Often all that is needed is a little specific help and attention from the class teacher. When this is not enough we have a team of staff in school whose main concern is for children with special needs.

The special educational needs team

The special educational needs team consists of a special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) and several well-trained and experienced teaching assistants.

As soon as a child is identified as having special needs, he or she will receive additional support from this team. Many children benefit from this support at some point in their school career. In addition to working with children with specific or general learning difficulties, the team also offers support to children with particular strengths.

Help may be given within the classroom or children may receive individual tuition. Class teachers work closely with the special educational needs team to provide appropriate work programmes.

Outside agencies

The school follows the procedure set down in the special educational needs code of practice for assessing children. Staff liaise with outside agencies including:

  • The special needs support team
  • School psychological service
  • Local GP
  • School nurse
  • Speech and language therapy service
  • Hearing impaired service
  • Health visitors
  • Behaviour support team
  • Pre-school staff

The knowledge, views and experience of parents of children identified as having special needs is very important to the team and termly discussions take place between parents and members of the special educational needs team.

Full special educational needs policy

Special educational needs information report