How to order school uniform

We hope that all children will be appropriately dressed according to the season and the weather. Please mark all your child’s clothing and check regularly to make sure the name has not faded.

Standard school uniform

There is a school uniform and we expect parents to send children to school in uniform. The uniform helps develop a child’s school identity and helps us to look smart. It consists of:

  • school sweatshirt or any jade green cardigan or pullover
  • plain white blouse/shirt or polo shirt
  • grey/black skirt or trousers
  • dark school shoes (not trainers)
  • green and white dress or grey/black shorts
  • summer sandals which must have backs (crocs are not suitable)
  • Children should not wear jewellery (stud earrings only) or high-heeled shoes to school.


Please send an old shirt or painting apron to school for your child to use in Art/DT lessons.

PE and sport

It is essential that children have the correct clothing for PE and sport.

  • plimsolls or trainers for outdoor games
  • white t-shirt
  • dark shorts
  • a long sleeved sweatshirt and dark tracksuit trousers for outdoor games


  • Girls: one piece swimsuit.
  • Boys: swimming shorts

From September 2017, the colour for PE t-shirts is changing from white to the colour of your child’s house:

  • Buzzards: red
  • Herons: blue
  • Magpies: green
  • Skylarks: yellow