Grant received

Total amount of PE and Sports Premium money received £9053 for 2016/17 financial year

£12,382 total (including £3,329 remaining from previous year)


·          To effectively use the Sports Grant to raise the profile and outcomes for children in PE, Sport and physical activity across school.

·          To achieve a higher percentage of children participating in a wide range of extra-curricular sport and activity.

·          To encourage children to try new sports and to join local, community sport’s clubs.

Record of Sports Premium spending academic year 2016-2017

(The following does not represent an exhaustive list of provisions that are made. This document is continually updated as there are continuous outgoings throughout the year).

Focus of spending


Impact of spending

CPD for Staff

Money has been spent to train staff to be able to deliver a higher quality of physical education and sport focussing on swimming teaching. This also includes supply money to cover teachers when they are on these courses. This year, it has included supply costs for 4 teachers to attend Module 1: Fundamentals of schools swimming training with SASP and for a member of staff to attend an EYFS cycling scheme training course. As well as this, it has included coaching from Denise Reynolds, a local swimming coach, who delivered two sessions for teachers, teaching assistants and parent helpers showing stroke progression and then worked with every class, teacher and member of staff helping us deliver our PE swimming curriculum at the local swimming pool.

Money has also been spent on a dance teacher working alongside teaching staff to improve the quality of dance in the school


£1160 4 new members of staff attended the Module 1 swimming training to ensure they are able to deliver high quality swim teaching in the summer term.  This means most of our staff have now received this training.

Every staff member feels more confident teaching swimming and Denise has produced a progression document for us to aid our swimming teaching. Our children received a much higher quality of swimming teaching this year as a result and greater progression through the skills and strokes was seen.

Mrs Hayes attended a balanceability training day. Balanceability is a PE programme designed for Early Years and KS1 with the aim of improving their core strength, balance skills and to teach them to ride a bike. It is a pre-curser to bikeability which is run by SCC in years 5 and 6. It is going to be delivered as part of the EYFS PE curriculum.

Teaching staff across the school have gained in confidence working alongside a professional dance teacher

Taunton Learning Partnership (TLP)/Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) Buy In (plus SCC affiliation fee)

The Taunton Learning Partnership (TLP) has provided a set amount of money from each school to Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) in order to maintain a range of opportunities within Taunton Deane.

£2,230 This means that children have continuing access to e.g.:

Festivals at local secondary schools.

This has a massive impact across the school as every child gets to attend at least one festival over the year.

Inter School Competition (central venue leagues). So far we’ve entered: Tag rugby, Yr5/6 girl’s football, yr5/6 boy’s football, Sportshall athletics, Cyclo-cross, High 5 netball, Year 3/4 catchball, Year 5 Futsal, Basketball, Badminton, Yr3/4 mini tennis, Yr3-6 quadkids athletics, Cricket, Yr3/4 rounders). The impact is that more children are now getting the opportunity to represent the school competitively in a greater range of sports.

CPD/training for non-specialists- lunchtime supervisors course and swimming are examples of courses that staff have attended through our SASP buy-in

Introducing new initiatives through cluster meetings for PE lead: Regular meetings with other Tone area PE leads as well as the annual Somerset PE conference to keep up to date with new initiatives and to continue to get ideas for making good use of the Sport and PE premium funding.

Leadership Academy:

8 year 6 children are attending leadership academy days where they are taught leadership skills which they are then able to use in intra-school sports and at a Reception festival they then run supported by Sandie.

Providing gifted and talented PE and leadership enrichment.  Jane Clarke (our SSCo works with our sports leaders and leadership academy children to help them run festivals.

Yr 6 leaders are in the process of organising a Reception PE festival.

Yr 6s are leading School Games level 1 (intra-school) competitions for younger children in our school, thereby preparing these children for level 2 opportunities in the future.

PE Coordinator role

To allow PE coordinator more time to review initiatives and organise opportunities for increased participation in a greater range of sporting events etc

To allow PE co-ordinator to attend Somerset PE conference and meetings with other co-ordinators.

£331 Higher than previous numbers of children taking part in extra-curriculum sports including after school clubs, Level 2 (inter-school) sport’s competitions and daily Level 1 (intra-school) sport’s competitions run by the year 6 leadership academy children and year 6 sport’s leaders.  Gold in the School Games Mark achieved for the second year running for year 15/16.

To provide less confident Year 4/5 swimmers with extra sessions to help them to be able to comfortably swim 25metres by the end of Year 4. (Additional to school/curriculum swimming)




The vast majority of KS2 children are now confident in the water and able to swim 25 metres.

Children also given a chance to do some more level 1 competition (intra-school).

PE resources

Audit PE equipment both for PE/Sport and physical activities in the playground.  Replenish/ replace equipment.

Buy new equipment to open up the sports and activities we can offer.

£3,053 Items/programmes purchased:

·          Balanceability balance bikes and scheme of work enables cycling to be delivered as part of the EYFS PE curriculum: £1,043

·          Family FUNS programme pack (new packs after the success of this last year): £780

·          Netballs and bibs.

·          The marking of extra lanes on the school field.

·          Medals and stickers for sport’s day prizes.

·          Tennis balls.

·          Rounders equipment

·          New footballs for our girls’ football club.

·          Playground leaders caps

·          New kit for teams to wear at level 2 and level 3 competitions. Our old kits were getting very worn and washed out and did not have any sort of logo indicating what school they were. Our new tops have been specifically ordered for us in school colours with Wiveliscombe Primary Sport on the back. Children take great pride in wearing them.

Visits and Activities

Will include coaches to attend sports festivals etc. as well as external coaches providing activities for the children within school PE.

£438 Coaches for various events at Norton Manor and Blackbrook Sports Centre

Tennis coaching from Wiveliscombe tennis club provided for year 2 within their PE sessions. Also provided a level of CPD for our year 2 teachers. We saw an increased number of children sign up for a tennis club in the summer term as a result of this.

Beacon to Beach annual run

After-school clubs

We paid for Russell Phillips to run a KS1 multi-skills club as we had provided fewer KS1 clubs.

We also paid Rah Cattell to use her after-school club to produce a cultural dance for sport’s day.

Subsidies towards funding pupil premium/ low income children to participate in after-school and extra-curricular schemes/ entry fees to events such as the Beacon to Beach x-country running relay event.

£638 This has increased KS1 participation to nearly 25% and KS2 to 40% (including an incredible 62% in Y4). KS1 is an area that will be targeted in the next academic year.

Sport’s day included a cultural ‘punked-up Morris dance’ which Rah’s after-school club had produced. Gave Rah’s club a purpose and audience to build up to.

The impact of this is that financial restrictions are not a barrier to children being active and that all our children can participate or compete in events without their parents having to worry about the costs.

Support and coaching staff

We have invested heavily in making better use of our support staff to enhance PE at Wiveliscombe.

£2454 We have employed an extra lunchtime supervisor using this budget to allow us to deliver more lunchtime sport and activity. We are now able to delivers FUNs cards and intra-school sport in two separate areas of the playground due to increased supervision options.

Extra hours for two TAs to run a KS1 and KS2 active club together plus a TA to run a girls’ football club and another to assist with the Family FUNs club. Significantly increases the range of clubs we are able to provide.

A day’s pay for our PPA cover sport’s coach to attend and supervise our basketball team travelling to Torbay for a Somerset vs Devon event. Allowed our team to build on their success at the Somerset School Games where they won.

Grant spent so far

Total Sports Premium Expenditure as of end of March 2017


£ 11,0047




Plan for rest of 2016/17 academic year

Focus of spending Cost Impact of spending
CPD for staff

Further CPD for staff including further swimming CPD.

£1,000 Ensure that non-specialist teachers are delivering high quality PE teaching confidently.
PE co-ordinators role £400 Supply for RK to be out of class in order to implement action plan.
Support and coaching staff

Continuing to pay extra hours for TAs to run after school clubs.

£360 Allows a wider range of extra-curricular activity to be offered.

Coaches to various sports festivals delivered by SASP.

£500 Allows all children to access a range of sports and activities delivered with inclusivity in mind.

To provide less confident Year 4/5 swimmers with extra sessions to help them to be able to comfortably swim 25metres by the end of Year 4.

£400 This is in addition to school swimming to ensure the majority of Year 4s are able to swim 25m before the end of the year. This includes pool hire and the cost of the trained swimming coach.
PE resources

This includes schemes of work, programmes and new equipment.

Approximate total £3,160 (drawing on £9,045 allocation for 2017/18 financial year, and £1,335 balance from 2016/17)