Bad Weather

A decision on whether to close the school, in the event of heavy snow or extreme storm conditions, will be made by 8am on each morning and a message stating whether school is open or not will be posted here.

Our website will be updated daily with information in the event that we have to close the school.

Somerset learning platform contains up to date information on all school closures.

BBC News Somerset will also have information regarding school closures.

You may also listen to the local radio stations – Heart FM (96.5 FM), BBC – Somerset Sound (95.5 FM) or 10 Radio (105.3) for information.


If your child uses school transport the bus company will be informed if the school is closed. If the bus has not arrived within 20 minutes, assume closure.

Please note that if the bus does not run in the morning it will not collect after school, even if the school is open. If you bring your children to school you will need to make your own arrangements to get them home. The bus companies make the decision during the school day as to whether they need to collect the children from school if the weather deteriorates.


If the school remains open every effort will be made to ensure a pathway is cleared from the main gates to the main entrance, and to the outside classrooms.

School Day Hours

Registration is taken at 8.45am. Children are welcome to go straight to class any time between 8.35am and 8.45am. We understand that there may very occasionally be events that are well beyond your control which result in your child being late for school. However, persistent lateness is not excusable, and over time does impact on children’s education.

Children arriving to school late or leaving early should always sign themselves in/out in the book at reception. This is very important for health and safety reasons.