The staff at the school work hard to provide an environment conducive to effective learning and individual growth whilst acknowledging the importance that home – school links and good communication play in a child’s education.

Your interest and involvement in school life at all levels is as important to your child’s development as the experiences of school life itself. An open invitation is extended to parents to visit the school and observe/join in activities in your child’s class.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to visit.

Individual teachers will be pleased to identify ways in which you can offer appropriate support to help your child’s learning.

All parents are invited to sign a home school agreement.

Home learning

In common with all schools, staff set children homework. The actual amount set will vary from class to class, and the school’s homework policy follows the guidance issued by the Department for Education.

Find out more in our home learning policy

Helping in school

The school believes in an active and supportive partnership between home and school as an essential ingredient for a successful education.

Parents are invited to share their time and talents with the school, helping with a range of activities in the classroom or behind the scenes. We really appreciate your help.