Thank you for becoming part of our school community.

We look forward to working with your family whilst your child is at Wiveliscombe Primary School.

At school we agree to:

  • Treat your child fairly, care for them and ensure their happiness and safety
  • Recognise your child’s individual needs and interests
  • Teach your child to enjoy learning in all aspects of school life
  • Help your child to develop a sense of responsibility and to be considerate of others
  • Operate a clearly stated behaviour policy which details expectations, rewards and sanctions
  • Inform you at regular meetings about your child’s progress
  • Keep you informed about teaching, homework and general school matters
  • Be welcoming and offer you opportunities to become more involved in the daily life of the school
  • Respond to your concerns and questions as promptly as possible.
Signed (Headteacher):

As parent/carer I agree to:

  • Let the school know about any problems that might affect my child’s work, behaviour or attendance
  • Make sure that my child comes to school regularly, clean, dressed in school uniform, well rested and at the appropriate time
  • Inform the school of all reasons for any absence
  • Support my child with homework and encourage them to complete it on time
  • Involve myself in school activities when possible
  • Attend meetings and discussions about my child’s progress
  • Support school guidelines, rules and behaviour policy
  • Remember that the school will always act in the best interest of my child