More health and safety information

1. The governors of Wiveliscombe Primary School will:

1.1 Provide as far as reasonably practicable a safe and healthy environment for all persons who work at, attend or visit the school.

1.2 Ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of
pupils, staff and volunteers on off-site visits and activities.

1.3 Endorse and support the safety policy of Somerset County Council, and to assist the Council to discharge those responsibilities, which it holds as employer.

1.4 Seek improvement to working conditions according to priorities within existing resources.

1.5 Recognise their responsibilities when they make available premises or equipment for hire, and will ensure that risks to the safety or health of hirers and other persons are adequately controlled as far as possible.

1.6 Ensure that Risk Assessments are carried out within the school using an identified method for recording (e.g., EEC Safety Suite) and to review as appropriate.

1.7 Encourage informal meetings and ensure time is made available in staff meetings where health and safety issues can be raised.

1.8 Ensure that staff can access training to ensure their competence for their tasks.

1.9 Accept the duties that they may hold as a client where they arrange for work through contractors or volunteers. Follow the Council’s guidance for the selection of competent contractors and will seek assistance from the Council’s Property Services when necessary. Ensure that volunteers receive adequate instruction and supervision to work safely.

1.10 Report all incidents/accidents, using the Accident Reporting Module in EEC Safety Suite and ensure appropriate follow up action has been carried out.

1.11 Review on an annual basis, all accidents and incidents reported to identify trends.

1.12 Consult with the school council and inform pupils of their responsibilities for Health and Safety.

1.13 Recognise the role of safety representatives appointed by recognised trade unions and co-operate with them so that they may undertake their health and safety related functions, including reasonable paid time off for consultation inspection and investigations.

The Governors and Headteacher will draw this policy to the attention of all staff, and review annually.

2. Organisation in support of health and safety

2.1 Schools can be organised in a variety of ways, i.e., on a Headteacher/ Governing Body/Senior Management Team/Departmental basis. The key members are responsible for seeing that their Area of responsibility/Department staff follow the school’s policy, and in particular in respect of:

2.1.1 Identification and control of risks associated with any hazardous or dangerous substances.

2.1.2 Selection of equipment suitable for its purpose, and ensuring that it is properly used.

2.1.3 Identifying and securing the training needs of members of their Area/Department

2.1.4 Provision of suitable personal protective equipment when required and ensuring that it is properly used.

2.2 The Headteacher and Governors recognise the importance of all staff being competent and possessing the necessary current skills, knowledge and qualifications for the use of specialist equipment or facilities.

2.3 The Governors will monitor safety performance within the school against the standards of Somerset County Council and provide an annual summary of their findings.

2.4 With regard to premises issues this will include a check of the school buildings, in conjunction with their property surveyor and prioritisation of needs on the school’s Asset Management Plan (AMP). Also ensuring that appropriate training needs of person responsible for premises is delivered.

2.5 Governors to agree delegation for approval of off-site visits and activities and review on an annual basis. Model policy included in Burgundy Pack.

2.6 The Governors have appointed the following Governor to have a watching brief for health and safety issues, and bring to their notice such issues that require their attention

Assistance on health and safety issues is provided by The Corporate Health and Safety Unit, Somerset County Council

3. Appointment of appropriate persons

Schools should appoint appropriate persons for their delegated areas of responsibility within the school (see Table A for areas which need including in your policy). They should ensure that new staff have the necessary skills and qualifications on appointment, or are able to receive the necessary training and certification, after appointment or on change of responsibilities or work methods.

4. Guidance for schools

The following guidance, produced by the local authority, is available for schools to use for their own standards:

4.1 The Governors adopt the standards of the following publications, which are endorsed by Somerset County Council’s Learning and Achievement service as standards for its schools: