The school follows the Somerset LA’s non-denominational agreed syllabus. The aim is to encourage children to explore what it means to have a religious commitment in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance.

Our assemblies are broadly Christian in content and include occasions for considering how best we can make our contribution towards making our community and the wider world a better place for all mankind. We believe that children can be helped towards a sense of moral responsibility by realising that they each have their own rights and responsibilities within school and at home, and we strive to achieve a school ethos which encourages and reflects this commitment.

Under the Education Reform Act, any parent wishing to withdraw their child from the school’s religious assembly or from religious education lessons has the right to do so and should write to the headteacher informing him of their decision.

Links to support your learning

Topmarks Click on religious studies on left hand list of subjects. Lots of nice video clips to watch of Christian stories and games or crafts to make. This site covers key aspects of all the major religions.

RE Online Click on student resources along the top. Some great information and factual pages with real life people talking about their beliefs and religions.

Request An excellent website based on Christianity. Some nice simple information pages for key stage 1.

Cleo Click on your choice of key stage underneath the RE heading on the grid to find lots of video clips linked to the major religions.

Brit Kid This is a website ideal for upper key stage 2 about race, racism and life – as seen through the eyes of the Britkids.